Document Upload

Send us your W2 or 1040 and any required documents and we will have your taxes prepared ASAP. We provide electronic filing and digital signature support. for electronic documents.

Video Conference

We are available for unlimited Phone, Facetime, Zoom or Email support. Our Tax Pro will answer any questions or concerns and advise you on current local and federal tax laws. Click to start a Meeting.

Please use the following file upload instruction below:

Click the “SELECT FILE” button to browse for the desired file. Select (left click) the file and click “OK”. The file should be visible in the “Upload files” field. Enter any information about the file in the “Note” field then click the “UPLOAD FILE” button. The progress bar should show green text on successful completion.

Upload files is IRS trusted technology provider. They specialize in digital identity protection, ensuring you’re you—and not someone pretending to be you.

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